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R.I.P. Bob Crewe, The ‘Fifth Season’


R.I.P. Bob Crewe, The ‘Fifth Season’

Bob Crewe

The world lost one of the true giants of the music industry when the legendary Bob Crewe passed away on September 11, 2014, at the age of 83. Although he was best known for his work with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, especially in the years since the musical Jersey Boysmade its debut on the Broadway stage, Crewe had an extensive career as a singer, composer and producer spanning several…

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Happy 80th Birthday, Dan Ingram!


Happy 80th Birthday, Dan Ingram!

Dan Ingram, Musicradio WABC

Happy 80th birthday to the greatest Top 40 deejay of all time, Mr. Dan Ingram! Actually, to call Dan Ingram a “deejay” is to greatly oversimplify things—he was (and is) so much, much more than that. Funny, witty, with such a fast, clever mind—and an extremely commercial-sounding voice, which he used to great advantage over the years, providing voiceovers for countless TV and radio ads. An…

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The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’: A Minute-by-Minute Breakdown


The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’: A Minute-by-Minute Breakdown

The Beatles - All You Need is Love


On June 1st, 1967, the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, boosting the sales of vintage military uniforms and further cementing their status as the biggest rock group in the world. Two weeks later, they started work on their next omnipresent musical event: participating in the Our WorldTV show on June 25th, employing Earth’s newly constructed satellite…

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Lauren Bacall, 1924-2014
The sultry and sexy actress was electric in the 1940s films “To Have and Have Not” and “Key Largo” opposite her husband, Humphrey Bogart By Mike Barnes and Duane Byrge Lauren Bacall, the willowy actress whose husky voice, sultry beauty and all-too-short May-December romance with Humphrey Bogart made her an everlasting icon of Hollywood, has died, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. She was 89. Bacall died Tuesday morning of a stroke in her longtime home in the Dakota, the famous Upper West Side building that overlooks Central Park in Manhattan, a family member told TMZ, which first reported the news. Bogart and Bacall were one of the most popular Hollywood couples, onscreen and off, and their 11-year marriage was the stuff of romantic lore. In 1981, their love provided the lyrics for Bertie Higgins’ 1981 pop hit “Key Largo” — “We had it all, just like Bogie and Bacall.” They met just before they filmed her first movie, To Have and Have Not (1944), directed by Howard Hawks, her mentor.

Rick Springfield’s Guide to Writing

Rick Springfield’s Guide to Writing (Rick’s novel, Magnificent Vibration, has just been released)


Rick Springfield’s Guide to Writing

Rick Springfield

Now that I am officially a novelist as well as a musician, people ask me the difference between writing a song versus writing a book.

I can sum it up in one word: Girls.

OK, maybe a few more words than that. No one’s going to publish a 34-word essay. I could sum it up by saying the difference between penning a song and penning a novel is the same as picking your nose versus blowing it. Although…

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Hey, cats and chicks of all ages—thanks so much for following my Oldies Connection blog. Didja know I’ve got other oldies-related blogs as well? While this one, Laura’s Oldies Connection, focuses on images and videos from the 1940s through 1970s (vintage ads, singers, groups, commercials, performances, etc.), Laura’s Oldies Room complements it with pix/vids of those same oldies artists from 1980 to the present day, as well as automatically generated posts from my Wordpress blog. In addition, I’ve got Laura’s Oldies Concert Pix, which features photos of performing artists personally taken by me. Please check out my other blogs and follow them if you like what you see!


Kenny Vance and the Planotones performing in Clearwater, Florida as part of the Doo Wop Reunion, 09 March 2013

The D.A.’s Forever by Laura Pinto

My Kindle novel, The D.A.’s Forever, is just 99¢ through April 30, 2014. If you like stories of friendship and nostalgia (with a generous helping of raunchiness tossed in—what else would you expect from four former greasers from New Jersey?), head on over to Amazon & grab it at this special low price (or learn more about the book here). Frankie, Denny, Tony and Eddy will thank you!


The D.A.’s Forever by Laura Pinto

THE D.A.'s FOREVER by Laura Pinto

Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion…

Not only do I have a bunch of oldies-related websites, I’m also an author! My first novel, The D.A.’s Forever, is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and is just 99¢ through April 30, 2014. Two points of clarification—no, the book has nothing to do with the legal profession; and, no, a Kindle device is not needed to read Kindle books. More details…

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